Beautifully simple and reliable Analytics

Companies are realizing the hard thing is not getting traffic into your website but transforming them into sales.

Since more people are reluctant to provide information, Webthunder offers an easier and less invasive solution to understand your customers.

Don’t guess your customers experience. Watch “Recordings…” and see how customers are using your website.

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Increase traffic

The fast and only way to connect with your clients. For your website to be successful you have to keep a dialogue with your visitors.

Generate leads

You can identify and trace anonymous visitors on your website and you can get them on your site before they buy from your competitors.

Detect click fraud

By detecting click fraud, you can reduce your pay per click cost up to 25%.

Everything you need to identify the expectations in order to satisfy your customer’s needs and do the right changes

Sales Funnel visualization helps you make sense of your data in a fast and easy way.

Discover how visitors are navigating through your website and make it an opportunity for your company.

Ask yourself: “how can I clarify my data in a fast and easy way” and you’ll find the answer in Sales Funnel.

Monitor your sites with our charts. You can interpret them easier and more efficiently because visuals communicate better than words.

Our solution offers you:

  • Real-time Analytics.
  • Sales funnel.
  • Surveys.
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Solutions for every need

Data analytics is the solution for your business to increase the income, optimize marketing campaigns and gain advantage over the rivals.

Find out how visitors are navigating your website and identify opportunities for your company.

For example, Session Recordings is the key in knowing how customers are using your website.

Marketing Campaigns have revealed that the hardest thing is to use the right targeting and testing methods to increase your conversion rates.

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Our starting package, offering solutions for basic use.



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A more advanced solution, for the people with higher traffic web sites and more needs.


Mass volume

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What is

We offer solutions for people interested in web analytics, web site monitoring, heatamps. We intend to offer an all-in-one solution.

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Sure! Just check our newsletter signup form ». We'll only post a few times a month and won't sell / give away the newsletter list under any circumstances.

Why do I need analytics?

Web analytics can offer you insights on how to adapt your web site to the needs of your visitors.

Are you on social media?

Sure! You can see our Facebook or Twitter account.

Why us?

Since more and more people are reluctant in getting information, Web Thunder offers an easier and less invasive solution to help your customers.

What’s the advantage of our solution?

In order to create a website that brings you maximum benefits, you have to maintain a dialogue between you and your customers.